Company profile

    Zhejiang JiangNeng Construction Co., Ltd. was founded in 1964, formerly under the Zhejiang Provincial Department of water resources. In the past half century, the company has been fighting in the South and in the north, inheriting and enterprising, professional and dedicated, and constantly developing and expanding its business.

    The company has more than ten qualifications, such as the first level of professional contracting for water conservancy and hydropower mechanical and electrical installation engineering, the first level of professional contracting for hydraulic metal structure fabrication and installation engineering, the first level of professional contracting for construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering, the second level of general contracting for electric power construction, the second level of professional contracting for lifting equipment installation engineering, the second level of electrical engineering for transmission and transformation, the second level of fire fighting facilities engineering, etc., and has obtained the qualification to undertake the installation (repair, test) of electric power Second level license for facilities, as well as a number of licenses for manufacturing, installation and repair of special equipment. Over the years, more than a thousand mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning projects in water conservancy, hydropower, electric power, industrial and civil construction and other industries have been completed. It has won many awards, such as "national advanced construction enterprise", "advanced enterprise of the Ministry of water resources", "excellent water conservancy enterprise of Zhejiang Province". It has won more than 20 provincial and ministerial level high-quality engineering awards. It is shining and shows the spirit of the enterprise cast with ingenuity.

    The company has built and installed thousands of hydropower stations all over the world, giving full play to the advantages of machinery manufacturing technology, providing long-term production and installation services for large-span gates, large-diameter penstocks and other projects.

    According to the situation, innovate and explore "new channels", and build a "new pattern" of operation. In the cross integration of power transmission and transformation projects, the power development channel has been opened, and the business scale has been increasing. At the same time, the company has been actively engaged in photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and other green energy fields, and has verified the ecological responsibility of energy construction in green mountains and rivers. Since 2012, the company has become a member of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce for foreign contracting projects, and has traveled to many friendly countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to participate in the construction of water conservancy and power projects, which is renowned overseas.

    By virtue of the unique 9s mode, integrating the advantages of technology, human resources and brand, and taking the specialized technical service of water conservancy and electric power as the starting point, we will comprehensively enhance the connotation of one-stop service, build the whole service provider of water conservancy and electric power construction and management, and lead the new trend of modern "housekeeper" of water conservancy and electric power engineering. The "1 + 1 + 1" property management mode summarized from practice and verified in practice has become a "sword" for the company to open up the market. In the hundreds of operation and maintenance projects undertaken by the company, the customized operation, maintenance and maintenance scheme based on this has become a solid support for the realization of standardized management and improvement of safety and efficiency of water conservancy projects.

    In order to enable the company to further transform and upgrade and actively introduce professional and technical talents, a large number of graduates with both ability and morality are recruited from colleges and universities every year. Meanwhile, a certain number of experienced senior technical talents and water power experts with professional and technical authority in Zhejiang Province are introduced to join the company, so as to make our company's technical quality and market competitiveness greater In addition, JiangNeng United College was established with Tongji Vocational College of science and technology of Zhejiang Province (the former Zhejiang water and electricity technical school) to train professional and technical staff with "craftsmanship spirit" for the company. The theory and practice results were combined to adapt to the transformation and upgrading of the company and become a technical construction enterprise and professional water conservancy and power engineering technical service provider.


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